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Site last updated on 6th October 2006:
two articles about Xerox: “Xerox xooms toward the office of the future” and “The lab that ran away from Xerox”, and a funny essay about... the cow metaphor
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New set of posters with mouse pointers:

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While EPOC officially is named after an epoch – a new era in portable computing – many fans of Psion’s handhelds like to explain it as... Electronic Piece of Cheese.
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Featured GUIWindows 3.0
This was the first Windows that hit mainstream. It offered significant advantages over previous editions of Windows, and – what might be as important – it looked way better.

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Featured componentWelcome splash
This is how four selected editions of Windows (2.03, NT 4.0 Workstation, 98 and 2000 Advanced Server) look while launching. Check out how different versions of Windows and other GUIs say “coming right up!”

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Featured articleMicrosoft Windows
Byte covered Windows for the first time almost two years before its premiere. Naturally, there’ve been many interesting differences between what was described and what shipped in the final product. On top of that, the article featured a dozen screenshots and as many pictures of contemporary machines running the pre-release version of Windows. See the humble beginnings of today’s most popular GUI, and read author’s unique commentary written 21 years later!

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